Taslima Nasreen
Taslima Nasreen confirms that she does not have CancerTaslima Nasreen/Twitter

The renowned Bengali writer, Taslima Nasreen, is finally on the safe side.

The 51- year-old is not suffering from cancer and the breast tumour diagnosed early this month, is totally harmless, according to a latest biopsy report.

A relieved Nasreen took to Twitter to confirm the news and share happiness with her 86, 129 followers on the microblogging website. "It's BENIGN BENIGN BENIGN ....," the exiled Bangladeshi writer, tweeted on 12 May.

Taslima Nasreen
"Heartfelt thanks to everyone who expressed good wishes for me," Nasreen, wrote after confirming the news.Taslima Nasreen/Twitter

She later thanked her well-wishers for their support and prayers. "Heartfelt thanks to everyone who expressed good wishes for me. #relieved," she wrote, adding "I feel like having a new life. Will be active 24 hours."

Taslima Nasreen
Nasreen sharing happiness with her family in New York.Taslima Nasreen/Twitter

Nasreen has been under great tension since she was diagnosed with breast tumours at a New York hospital early this month. "Bad news! Was coughing, did lung CT scan. Lungs OK, but breasts not OK. Done mammogram & ultra-sonogram today. Tomorrow biopsy. Probably cancer," she wrote on 5 May.

Since then, she has been updating her health status regularly. "Dear India, if I'm diagnosed w/ cancer tomorrow & if I die, pl take care of my cat Minu. She is the best cat in the world," she wrote on 11 May and later added : "After 8 hours, at 9 am I'll get my breast tumour biopsy reports. I have no idea what is awaiting me. I should try to sleep now. Love you all."

Nasreen, who is also a doctor, lost her mother due to cancer and her brother is presently undergoing treatment for cancer in New York.

The writer is said to have visited New York to give a lecture on "women in secularism."

Being born in a secular Muslim family in Bangladesh, Nasreen chose atheism and started writing in support of women. She has been living in different countries since her novel "Lajja" got published in 1993. She was forced to leave her home, following protests and threats from various Islamic groups across the country.