British actor Taron Egerton had a pretty tough time transforming to Sir Elton John for his biopic, Rocketman. Detailing about the challenges he's faced during filming, Egerton told E! News how getting the hair and makeup in place was the toughest bit about the transformation.

He quoted, "I can remember the day we first did those things to my hair," he explained and further added, "For the '70s period of the film, we used my own hair in the hope of achieving something very natural. We dyed my hair, we thinned it out and we shaved my hairline up [sighs] further than it already is." Although he didn't fancy the shaving of hairline bit, he does admit that it helped him get into character.

Taron Egerton
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"But it was great really. I found something quite exciting about transforming the way you look a bit, especially as an actor, because it makes you feel different. So whilst I didn't relish having my forehead bicked every day, because I was worried it wouldn't grow back, it works really well in the movie," he said. Despite all the hardships, Egerton is happy that he got to portray such a phenomenal artist on the big screen.

Turns out, during the filming, Sir Elton even let Taron read through his diary which, in his words, "That was such an exciting thing... absolutely hilarious as well." Scottish actor, Richard Madden, who plays John Reid in Rocketman, also quipped, "There's nothing more terrifying... I felt naked when [I] sing and dance. You're kind of showing different things and I was really terrified of it." Madden further added, "I worked really hard to try and make sure that I wasn't thinking about my singing voice on the day [of filming]. I was thinking about the storytelling, instead."

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The Legendary singer seems to have found a sweet spot for Egerton, who plays him in his biopic. During one of Taron Egerton's interactions with Jimmy Kimmel on his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, the actor divulged into details of how Sir Elton keeps spamming his emails by sending him reviews of Taron's performance. "I try and avoid reviews," Egerton told Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night, "but Elton sends me them every day." Rocketman is all set to hit the screens on May 31.