Taran Malhotra
Taran Malhotra

Meet Taran Malhotra, a Makeup artist based out of London who belongs to Delhi, India. She claims to have worked with many models till now and when asked about the next step she has a long list of celebs she'd like to work with.

"Our world is full of glamour and people are getting more and more conscious of the power of beauty. The best part is that there are various tools and techniques available that can help you to become the most attractive version of yourself," she's supposed to have said.

But only makeup tools can't be enough to fulfill expectations about makeup, beauty or hair Styling. Everyone needs a Makeup artist who can help them to bring out the inner beauty or to build a glamorous look for themselves that will fill them up fully with confidence and pride.

Coming to her training, certifications, and Experiences – she claims she got her Makeup training and certificate from Swati Verma and Hair Styling training and certificate from Ritika Kadam, for further training she moved to London for London School Of Makeup. Apart from all these things, she has Many Certificates in Makeup, Beautician, and Hair Styling.

She claims to be working with several models from her initial Period of professional life. After that, she moved to London, United-Kingdom in 2019 for further Studies.

She wants to tell all people out there that it isn't that difficult to reach out to things you dream of, you just need to be consistent and work hard till you reach your goal. As everyone knows this fact that hard work pays off. If you haven't started yet then also it's never too late to chase your dreams.

Tips For Newcomers in the beauty sector

You must have an attractive personality, dexterity, sound health, energy, and excellent communication skills to compete in this field. You must also be aware of the latest fashion.

Some Other things also matter such as imagination, creativity and complete knowledge of cosmetics and other related products have a significant role in determining the positive course of makeup.