Darshan's Tarak
Darshan in Tarak.PR Handout

Ratings: 3
Darshan has gone for an image makeover with his latest movie Tarak. Taking a break from his 4-fights-5-songs kind of movie, the Challenging Star has collaborated with director Prakash of Milana fame for an emotional family drama.

The opening scene introduces a rich man named Tarak Ram (Devaraj) who has taken a vow to beg outside the temple for the fulfilment of his wish. The film is about a grandfather keenly waiting to unite with his grandson (Darshan).

The grandson, who is named after his grandfather, is settled in Europe and is not interested to return to India as his grandfather refused to acknowledge the relationship of his parents, who died in a car accident.

Meera (Shanvi Srivastava) comes into Jr. Tarak's life to fill the void. Before their lives find a new meaning, the story takes a twist and he comes to India. What follows next should be seen on-screen.

The first half of the movie revolves around Darshan and Shanvi Srivastava's romance. In between the scenes, we are told about the hero's flashback and why he had maintained a distance from his grandfather. And the major drama occurs in the second half and we will get to see many characters that include Sneha (Shruti Hariharan).

The first half of Tarak fails to hold your attention after some point. However, the second half is well-written with an emotional sequence dominating the last 20 minutes.

Darshan has come out with a knockout performance. His acting skills were on full display in the second half. Shanvi Srivastava has a meaty role and played her part well. Sruthi Hariharan is a treat to watch in traditional outfits. However, Devaraj steals the show with his electrifying performance. Kuri Prathap brings occasional laughs.

Arjun Janya's background score elevates the intensity in the emotional scenes. MS Ramesh's dialogues and Kannada proverbs add value to the project.

Overall, the story runs on familiar lines and has nothing new to offer. However, Tarak comes as a breath of fresh air and the family audience might like the film.