mom feeds tapeworms to her daughter
 Tapeworms found crawling inside a man’s body after eating contaminated sushiScreenshot/Youtube

Tapeworms were found crawling in a Chinese man's body, as revealed in the X-ray report, after he ate contaminated sushi.

The man from Guangdong province visited doctor when he was suffering with severe stomach ache and itchy skin. The Mail Online reports that according to the doctors the presence of the parasites in his body would be the uncooked Japanese dish, sushi, which contains raw meat or fish.

It was reported that the man had too much of the most expensive part of a sushi menu – sashimi – the slices of raw fish, before he complained about stomach ache. The doctors say that it could be the raw fish, which was contaminated.

The patient was treated in Guangzhou No 8 People's Hospital in China and after his x-ray report revealed that he has tapeworms in his body.

Dr Yin of the same hospital said that uncooked food contaminated with worms' egg causes cysticercosis when it enters a person's blood stream.

Sushi is made with raw fish, which sometimes gets infected with worms in its larvae stage. This happens when the fish eats the tapeworm eggs and as they hatch, the larvae stick themselves to host's intestinal wall. Thus when humans eat those fish they tend to contract tapeworms inside them automatically.

According to Mail Online, such situations are dangerous and life-threatening, if the parasites reach the person's brain.