Nokia Monarch Tipped as T-Mobile Bound Lumia 635 LTE Smartphone Model
A worker poses with the new Nokia Lumia 925 at its launch in London.Reuters

A gaming title named Tank Domination created by Game Insight, will be reaching the Windows Phone app market in 2014.

The tank combat gaming genre is said to be making big business on multiple platforms lately which includes PC, consoles and smartphones. Tank Domination is said to bring a similar gameplay style to Windows Phone 8 like it was seen in World of Tanks Xbox 360 beta version.

The gaming app is a free-to-play online-game. Players would have to log-in and start managing their tanks, purchase new equipments/upgrades and battle. Each tank in the game is said to be taken from a real-life vehicle or concept tank from the US, Russia and China.

The tanks are classified into four categories - Light, Medium, Heavy and Artillery. Their sizes determine their speed, durability and firepower while in a battle.

New upgrades and tanks will be unlocked by players as they cross each level but as a default, the user can own only three tanks. For unlocking more tank slots, the players would have to shell out some Warbucks, the game's premium currency, reports WP Central.

The Skype Collaboration Project

Microsoft is currently offering a free group calling, screen sharing, and no advertising features along with an access to live customer support to its Skype video callers.

These features are a part of the Skype Collaboration Project which requires the users to visit the offer page, fill their email addresses and get a code through which the deal can be redeemed. The last date to redeem the code is 30 April.

The offer page can be viewed here.

It has been also known that a new Skype version 4.5 has been introduced for the Android users, which is the first Android application to include picture-in-picture windows feature. This feature lets the users view their own video call in a small window screen even if they switch away to some other application.

More can be seen from here.