Tamizhukku En Ondrai Azhuthavum
Tamizhukku En Ondrai AzhuthavumFacebook/ Bindu Madhavi

"Tamizhukku En Ondrai Azhuvathum" which hit theatres on 21 January has opened to some positive reviews.

Dealing with a complicated story, the movie stars Attakathi Dinesh, Nakul, Ethir Neechal Sathish and Bindu Madhavi in the lead. The film has garnered much appreciation for the way it engages audience from start till the end.

Most of the critics have appreciated director Ram Prakash Rayappa for the way he has envisaged this complicated story. The film talks about four major characters who become victim of an unprecedented geo magnetic storm in their city, which completely blocks their mobile network.

The movie then talks about how this situation affects their life and what happens to them when they come across some unusual activities.

The performance of the lead actors and comic timing of actress Urvashi is said to be the major highlight of the film. The confidence of the director to deal with this out of the box concept in the most convincing way has also impressed critics. The perfect climax and the technicalities of the movie has also managed to be in the list of positives of the movie.

Talking of the negatives, critics point out that use of too many technical words and some loop holes in the script has hampered the movie, due to which it is not really an extra-ordinary flick. 

Here are the reviews of "Tamizhukku En Ondrai Azhuvathum" by various critics: 


"Debut director Ramprakash Rayappa's Tamizhukku En Ondrai Azhuthavum is based on geo-magnetic storm and its aftermath in Chennai city. Interestingly, the director has done his paper work with sheer perfection and packaged this out-of-the-box concept in a fairly engaging manner. Technically, Thaman's background score stands out and also couple of songs are enjoyable. Cinematography by Deepak Kumar Pathy is quite good as he captures the busy Chennai roads with ease while editing by Sabhu Joseph is coherent."


"'Tamizhukku En Ondrai Azhuthavum' belongs to a much commercial genre, say for instance, the one on the lines of 'Cellular' that was later remade in several Indian versions. This is a film, where you might find the logic missing in few places and yet cannot feel it to be a hurdle. To start off, the film has its own treatment of keeping the audiences engaged, but it doesn't happen at completeness. The first half is filled with unwanted drama that really sends you into the zone of boredom. You don't tend to get connected with the film. It's almost an hour for the actual story to commence and you turn restless by then."


"Though there were too many technical terms used here and there, leaving the common man in the crowd puzzled, the director does give simple explanations to most of the concepts later.

"The good thing is that the movie doesn't have any unwanted songs or goofed up scenes, which help the narration of the film run smooth. However, the comedy quotient at places, though not hampering the story telling, wasn't very effective. The CG work was a bit tacky in parts but that's definitely excusable. TEOA is a technically inclined social entertainer that grabs the audiences' interest from the scratch to finish. The director must be appreciated for a tight story, which could have been more engaging had the romance portions been cut short."

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"Nakul has tried something out of his way and he deserves best appreciations. Bindu Madhavi looks beautiful and her role could have been sketched with more elegance. There should have been some significance to her love story with Dinesh. Manobala fails to get his scope. Urvasi expresses the best performance, but her role is too artificial to enjoy after a certain extent. Ethir Neechal Satish becomes almost a protagonist in this tale and he has to thank his director for this offer."