Helmet mandatory tamil nadu
People is Tamil Nadu seem to be following government's instructions quite strictly as this bike rider had his dog wear the helmet too.Twitter/Troll Cinemas

As wearing of helmets for two-wheeler riders and those on pillion becomes mandatory in Tamil Nadu from 1 July, helmet sellers are doing a brisk business.

Heavy rush was reported at several shops selling helmets in Salem and Tiruchirappalli as people rushed to buy helmets. The sale was high even at roadside helmet shops.

"There has been heavy demand for helmets, and the sales have doubled compared to the previous week", The Hindu quoted M Prabakaran, an employee of a general merchant shop as saying.

The police have said they will crack down on violators. 

"We will carry out checks at various places in the city from tomorrow and action will be initiated accordingly against the violators", Police Commissioner Sanjay Mathur said.

"Wearing helmet is for our own safety and to ensure the safety of our family members," Mathur added.

The consequences of violation can be severe.

If caught violating, "all the documents of the two-wheeler including the driving licence of the driver shall be impounded under section 206 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988."

The fear seems to be working. 

"It is the decision of the police to seize the licence and other documents of the vehicle, that has forced me to go in for a helmet," said K Megala Devi, a private college employee. 

In a lighter vein, a Twitter user has posted a photo in which a pillion-riding dog is seen wearing a helmet, as if to convey that the Madras High Court order is indeed being taken seriously.