Four Class 11 girl students of a government school in Tamil Nadu partied in one of the classrooms last week when the school was closed during heavy rain, and reportedly consumed beer. 

Four of the girls have been dismissed from the school, located in Tiruchengode in Namakkal district, on the orders of the chief educational officer, reported The Times of India. 

The incident took place last Monday, after exams scheduled to be held that day were postponed because of heavy rain that flooded several parts of Tamil Nadu. 

Seven Class 11 students organised a birthday party in one of the classrooms, and at least four girls were found in an inebriated state by a teacher. 

"They brought beer in soft-drink bottles and consumed it in the classroom," a teacher told TOI. 

The school headmistress had ordered the students to undergo medical tests, which proved they had consumed liquor, as per the report.

The matter was taken to the educational officer, who asked the school to issue  transfer certificates (TCs) to the four students who had consumed alcohol, while the other three were given a warning.