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As Tamil Nadu is facing severe criticism for imposing colour coded wristbands for school students based on their caste, the state education minister KA Sengottaiyan said that there won't be any ban on such practises.

The students in Tamil Nadu has been facing caste discrimination and were being asked to wear wrist bands and 'tilaks' on their forehead to mark their caste. To stop this heinous crime, the state education department had issued a circular to all Chief Educational Officers (CEO) and District Education Officers (DEO) on June 31 warning of strict actions against school authorities for holding such practices.

Circular issued by Tamil Nadu education department Director S Kannappan
Circular issued by Tamil Nadu education department Director S KannappanTwitter

The circular was issued by the Director of School Education S Kannappan, who said that wristbands of different colours and tilak were used as caste markers. He said that such practices were supposedly being used for sports team selection, reassembling during class and lunch intervals. "Allegedly, these practices are enforced by students themselves and supported by influential caste persons and teachers," read the circular.

The circular was issued based on a representation given by IAS officer trainees of 2018 batch to the government over the caste discrimination that was prevalent in many schools in different parts of Tamil Nadu.

However, the education minister and AIADMK leader seem to be advocating for these discriminatory practises as he said that there will be no ban on the use of these wristbands at schools and has denied of such existing practises in the state.

He said that the circular was issued without his knowledge and schools will continue to function as they did before the circular was issued. His controversial statement makes sure that caste discrimination is likely to continue in the state without any disruption.

BJP national secretary H Raja had opposed against the circular issued by the education department, calling it as anti-Hindu. He also asked for action against the officer who issued the circular banning caste-discrimination practices without the knowledge of education minister.

"The circular even bans a tilaka on the forehead. How can a government ban Hindu symbols? When you allow crosses to be worn and you don't ban pardha, how can the government do this?" He also welcomed the AIADMK government's opposition over the circular.