A poster showing Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa submerged in water and holding up a child, akin to the famous Baahubali poster, has been doing the rounds on social media sparking anger at the political insensitivity amidst the disastrous situation in Chennai and other parts of the state. 

On Friday, Twitter user @KaapiRight shared a photo showing the poster of Amma, supposedly put up by an AIADMK member, which was likely meant to project the Tamil Nadu CM's efforts for the state during the floods. 

Chennai was submerged in unrelenting floods after it saw heavy rains that broke a record of almost a century, leaving lakhs stranded and several dead. About 270 people were killed in the floods across Tamil Nadu. 

Given the grim situation of the state, the poster was criticised on Twitter by many as the photo was shared more than 300 times. 

While some wondered if the poster was morphed or a fake one, others lashed out at Jayalalithaa and the AIADMK for their political insensitivity during the Chennai floods.

"When fanlove goes wrong," journalist Sreenivasan Jain tweeted, adding that the photoshop skills displayed even during adversity were quite a rarity. 

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