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Popular Tamil actor Vishal has been detained and taken into preventive custody by the police after he tried to break the lock of Tamil Film Producer's Council (TFPC) office in Yogambal Street, T Nagar. The office was earlier locked by a group of 300 producers after they demanded the resignation of Vishal from the post of the Council's president.

When Vishal reached the office, he tried to open the office, despite protests from the opposition group. Even though the actor alleged that criminal trespassing has happened in the Council's office, the police detained Vishal and took him to the Teynampet police station to avoid further problems.

When the police tried to detain Vishal, the actor told the media that he has the right to enter his office. He also alleged that it is unfortunate to get arrested when questions are being asked.

"When unauthorized people locked up the doors of the council yesterday, the police were mute. Now, me and my colleague have been arrested for no fault of ours. This is unbelievable. We will fight back, and will do whatever we can to conduct Ilayaraj sir event," said Vishal after the arrest.

A section of producers, 300 in number, locked up the office after alleging that the reigning president Vishal is involved in various criminal activities. The rebel group led by producer AL Azhagappan blamed Vishal for misappropriating the funds of the TFPC amounting to Rs 7 crore. Azhagappan also alleged that Vishal has violated the bylaws of the council many times for his personal gains.

As per the rebel producers, Vishal had organized various events without getting the consent of the General Committee which is a direct violation of the council's bylaws. The producers also allege that Vishal had named Kathiresan as the Secretary of the Council after the resignation of Gnanavel Raja, without consulting the executive committee.