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Tame Impala's performance in Coachella this year was much anticipated. The festival was attended by people from all over the world, who were blown away by the psychedelic band's performance, which has been shared on Youtube by Coachella. 

The psychedelics of Tame Impala is something that has been their forte with synth-pop high inducing sound. More than that, the band is known for their onstage improvisations and that is something that puts the band in the categories of GOAT, like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd et al.

For instance, Apocalypse Dreams, known for their album Lonerism, have been performing that song since 2013 starting with the Reading Festival. However,  2013 sounded more metallic compared to 2019's version in Coachella, given that Kevin Parker's voice sounds different every time.

Even the visuals which bore the band's signature onstage, has changed over the years and has become more interactive. If you see the visuals at this year's Coachella, you would be able to differentiate. "Techno psychedelic version of the Beatle's Yellow Submarine," was how Desert Sun described their visuals. And lasers, cannot be overlooked. 

Finally, the halo on the stage has been TI's signature presence. It keeps floating above with its laser projections and led lightings. The band makes sure that the audience get a good psychedelic experience.

Overall, Tame Impala is a complete package that has gone to become a force to reckon with. They are enthralling their audience and capturing headlines at some key festivals. Going by their discograph, this band may emerge as the next big thing soon.