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Director Meghna Gulzar's Bollywood movie "Talvar", which released in theatres around the world on Gandhi Jayanthi (2 October), has received extremely positive reviews from the audiences.

"Talvar" is a murder mystery thriller film, which has been written by Vishal Bhardwaj and directed by Meghna Gulzar. The film is based on the 2008 Noida double murder case, in which a teenage girl and her family servant were found murdered and her parents were convicted for the murders. The movie deals with three contradictory accounts of the case, which variously portray the parents as guilty or innocent.

Produced by Junglee Pictures, "Talvar" stars Irrfan Khan, Konkona Sen Sharma, Neeraj Kabi and Sohum Shah in the lead roles. Tabu has made a guest appearance in it. All the actors have delivered wonderful performance, but Irrfan steals the show, say the audience, who have watched the movie.

After watching "Talvar", many film goers took to their Twitter pages to share their verdict on the movie. All of them say that the movie has an interesting story and engrossing screenplay, which is the first hero of the film. It is an edge of the seat thriller and it is a must-watch flick, say the viewers.

Here is the live update of 'Talvar' movie review by audience:


Finally saw D most controversial case as it was reopened! Wat a double murder case it actually was&D way it was actually presented #Talvar An edge of seat thriller #Talvar keeps u awaited in each scene&till climax! Incredible acting by @irrfan_k truly versatile class acting sir! Lovely character played by @konkonas Incredible by @irrfan_k superb movie presented by @JungleePictures & owsum direction by @meghnagulzar

Sushrii ‏@sushrii

Jus saw #Talvar n I'm moved on so many levels.It deserves nothing but 5/5.Perfect in so many ways,loved the climax.Its a must watch!!!✨

Abhishek Jain ‏@FilmyKeeeda

A story based on assumption or a true story, #Talvar is an excellent creation with minor faults. But I enjoyed every bit of it. #Talvar made me remember DB's Shanghai. Few parts were so heavy that I was glued. @irrfan_k like always carried all the way. Brilliant cast

lɐɯɐʎɥs ‏@ShyFyy

#Talvar is a well-made, well acted, intriguing, smart procedural flick. And a timely reminder of the chilling reality it portrays.

Jaey Gajera ‏@JaeyGajeraIndia

#Talvar is Gripping & An edge of the seat thriller. Epic is almost reached theaters! @JungleePictures @meghnagulzar @irrfan_k @konkonas


#Talwar .. Superb 1st half and brilliant screenplay..Irrfan khan is making it more awesome #Talwar is a brilliantly made film with good screenplay..Irrfan khan nailed hit..Must watch if u like crime thrillers

Sunil ‏@akshaykanitkar

Gripping, Intense, No over acting or over dramatisation, an edge of the seat thriller, fair ending - #Talvar , A Must Watch

Yash ‏@besaleeqaMain_

Oh man, how good #Talvar turned out. And completely loved Irrfan's performance (I always do but this one is as memorable as Lunchbox).

Shibani Bathija ‏@ShibaniBathija

#Talvar is a must watch. Riveting and stomach turning all at once. Kudos to director Meghna and the whole team.

Sweta Kaushal ‏@SwetaKaushal

Wonderfully made & well-documented. @irrfan_k & @konkonas amazing as ever. #Talvar. Must watch.

Nwaz ‏@_nwaz

Saw #Talvar heavy on the heart, guy who played the father was good .Irfan was the best,Tabu was there for few scenes but loved her.

Aditi Raval ‏@RJADITI

#Talvar Ghajjjab movie banavi chhe @meghnagulzar Do watch #Talvar is one of the most finest written film @irrfan_k ni Khatarnaak acting maa paisa vasool chhe. Post interval it's more interesting My Personal fav scene in #Talvar - Panelists nu solid engaging civil discussion about the case! Do watch #Review (3.5/5) @meghnagulzar

Sonia Singh ‏@Sonia__Singh

#Talvar belongs to the Writer and casting director..what an outstanding casting by @HoneyTrehan sir

Siddhant Rai ‏@siddhantrai8

@irrfan_k @konkonas #Talvar is a must watch. A well-researched film with well-crafted direction. Kudos to Meghna & Vishal Bhardwaj.

Chinmay Nakhwa ‏@ChinmayNakhwa 2h2 hours ago

#Talvar was outstanding.everyone associated with the film should be proud of it. @konkonas @irrfan_k @JungleePictures for @meghnagulzar

Hardik ‏@informalfanboy

MAHN! Just out of #talvar, where was vb hiding his talvar, his kalam means pen. Brilliant writing. Neeraj karbi,gajraj rao,konkana,sohum shah,others brilliant. Irfan khan is top class. Terrific casting

Robin Jude ‏@robin_jude

Jus back from #Talvar Movie s well presented in all angles.Its all about the assumption we make which makes us decide who did the murder

Sajan Gupta ‏@sharewithsajan

#Talvar is well rounded,well performed & a very well made film.loved it for the simplicity wth which it provokes thought & discomfort.

sumit roy ‏@sumit_roy_

Saw #Talvar months back but its chilling portrait of our Kafkaesque system has haunted me since. No horror film can be scarier. Brilliant. Can't say this about many films but #Talvar could save lives of a couple of innocents. Hope it provokes outrage, forces change. Go watch.

Ganga ‏@GangaGiridhar

@meghnagulzar Truly appreciate the spirit behind #Talvar. Very hard to digest d fact that v hav an absolutely rotten police/judiciary system

Nitesh Kamath ‏@nk_amath

Surreal to live in jal Vayu Vihar Noida, cross the house in Sector 25 and go to see Talvar @JungleePictures @konkonas @bharadwajvishal eerie @raogajraj You were brilliant in #Talvar . I can say that cause I've gone to Sec 20 police stn many times and you played the part.

Shivam M ‏@Observer68

#Talvar ko dekha aur iski dhaar ko bhi. Last 13 mins alone worth d ticket. Irrfan ki tareef nahi karenge. @NotSoSnob fullhouse ki badhai ;) Curse of the second half toh kayi baar hota hai par gift of the second half aaj bade din baad dikha. #Talvar

Alexander ‏@alxander_aik1

#Talvar looking good Its a must watch for me Written by Vishal Bhardwaj directed by Meghna Gulzar Konkona sen sharma n organ perfect team

Amit Dadhich ‏@amit12354

Just got done with #Talvar Review in morning. #Talvar has strong direction by @meghnagulzar & a solid screenplay, & keeps you intrigued throughout the runtime. #Talvar has some strong performance by @irrfan_k @konkonas & #NeerajKabi deliver some stellar piece of acting. #Talvar the supporting cast plays quite an important role & adds a lot to the film, some really gem of actors used. #Talvar the wonderful intercuts in the film which makes smooth narrative show it's wonderfully edited by #SreekarPrasad Overall #Talvar is gripping, riveting, disturbing & powerful, a must watch film to watch this week Ratings: (4/5) **** @NotSoSnob Loved #Talvar a disturbing yet powerful film, intriguing screenplay, wonderful intercuts & solid performances @JungleePictures

Shiladitya Bora ‏@ShiladityaBora

It's such a satisfaction to watch a well researched, well written and very well made film. Congrats @NotSoSnob @vishesh @HoneyTrehan #Talvar

ddevasper ‏@ddevasper

#Talvar a double edged sword which leans towards the accused but raises imp questions @irrfan_k steals the scene @meghnagulzar well done

Survi ‏@PavanSurvi

#Talvar has a great cast for a decent docu-drama, which doesn't dig much into the original case. And has few issues. In comparison, I think #Rahasya (inspired from the same case) was way better than the #Talvar. Do check that out first. #YKW

Sethumadhavan Napan ‏@Sethumadhavan

#Talvar-Meghna Gulzar's best film so far,this one takes a hard hitting but rational approach towards looking @ the Aarushi Talwar. #Talvar-Do watch,its surely gonna impact you some way or the other !

Manoj ‏@ManojG7

Saw #Talvar last night,it's pretty slow, 135 minutes, gives ringside view of all possibilities from every suspects angle & police wrongs