Talking Angela App
Talking Angela App does not take personal information from users.Google Play

Facebook rumors concerning the Talking Angela app that gave users a scare has been reported to be a "hoax." OutFit 7, the creators of the app have issued a statement clarifying that the app is safe and does not store any personal information of the app user.

The app, which is available in both iTunes Stores and Google Play Stores is mainly for children. Over the weekend, users on Facebook began to circulate rumors that the app was a way to target children, and was taking their personal information. Some even went on to claim that the app was a front for a pedophile ring.

However, Snopes, a website that verifies urban legends and rumors and Sophos, an online security company, authenticated that the rumors were false.

Meanwhile, app developers, OutFit 7 issued a statement, "We wish to emphasise that no personal data whatsoever is being collected from the users of our app Talking Angela... The description clearly informs the user that one of the core functionalities of the app is chat, which requires two-way communication, where Angela (a chat bot, not a real person)..." Snopes reported.

The app has a virtual cartoon cat that chats animatedly with its users and also mimics their mannerisms. It also encourages users to buy gifts for the cats that can be charged to your bill.

Five Developments on Talking Angela app Facebook Rumor (Heavy):

1. Rumors circulate in Facebook about Talking Angela app, saying that it asked personal questions and activated the camera without the permission.

2. Developers clarified with a statement saying that the app is safe for users and no personal information is collected.

3. Facebook users circulated the hoax.

4. In 2013 too, the app had to face a similar hoax incident.

5. The app is free and is still available for both  iOS and Android platforms.

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