Krunal Patel
Krunal Patel

The journey from one successful post to greater milestones is no joke. And Krunal Patel, founder of Scrawled Stories, is proof of just that. What began as a self-write-up page back in 2015, today serves an audience with tales from writers all around the world.

Hailing from a business background and handling his family business, Krunal Patel had his life set. But he chose to divert from his established line into pursuing his passion for writing. Scrawled Stories was developed with the aim to uphold words and the meaning behind it. Whilst serving as a platform for his love of words, it also served as a platform for writers all around the world.

With over 3 million followers spread out across all media platforms, Scrawled has turned into an immediate face of recognition at the smallest mention. Whether it has to do with the theme of their page or the content, they have excelled beyond limits and they seem to be doing just about right. I mean, 3 million minds can't be all wrong now, can they?

The thought of beginning this page stemmed from Krunal's love for stories and words. He has always been extremely passionate about tales that possess the ability to take you back in time or another dimension altogether. "I've always been fond of fables right from my childhood where my grandma would narrate them and add in a moral value so there was always something to learn from."

The evolution of imagination that began from tales, moved onto TV and films, and soon the idea was finally applied onto the much-growing arena of social media. The response Krunal Patel and Scrawled Stories received was a tenfold magnitude, with entries coming in like hot-cakes – more than 5,000 entries a day.

Today, Scrawled Stories is more like a stage where 4,000 posts amuse the community. Their tales on friendships, love and heartbreak are always trending and receive the highest ratio of engagement. Their User Generated Content is one main model through which thousands and thousands of entries make their way onto the page, of which the best ones are carefully selected and curated by the Scrawled team to be published.

The Scrawled Stories app which is due for its release in November is another major milestone that Krunal and team are looking forward to achieving. "A lot of hard work, time and thought process has gone into the creation and development of the app. We've gone back and forth a lot with it because the app needed to be perfect and not just a half-hearted act. I never saw the point in doing something for the sake of it if it requires constant fixing, so we're definitely proud to say that the release of Scrawled Stories app will bring smiles to a lot of faces!", says Krunal.

A lot is left to the imagination but here are a few pointers to look out for in the app, which will be available on the App Store and Play Store. Writers will be able to receive the status of their submitted entries on their app profile, while readers can filter and choose their content as per their interests. The published posts will branch out into sections of Hot, Trending, Today's Picks, All Time Favorite, etc., and further spread into categories.

Apart from the individual presence, Scrawled has also maintained a well-rounded balance in the business market. Brands like Red Chillies Entertainment, OYO Rooms, Bank Bazaar, Engage Deo, Brand Factory, or even personalities like the international influencer Gary Vaynerchuk, are a few renowned names (from the many more) who have successfully collaborated with Scrawled Stories and resulted in good fruit.

Scrawled Stories receive about 70,000 INR per collaborated post, and a six to seven-figure amount on a month-long or annual collaboration, depending on the nature of the collaboration.

Whoever says 'Reading is so boring' is also guilty of sharing these short fiction tales and snippets, mainly because they are equally relatable. 'Scrawled Stories' as a brand has accomplished a marvelous job in leveling the playing field with other pages.

Krunal has always had a strong sense of belief in the branding and every aspect leading up to the development of Scrawled Stories. In retrospection, he adds, "It's not an easy task. A lot of mindfulness and team deliberation undergoes behind the curtains. But at the end of the day, we know how we stand and where we stand, and that's all that matters."

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