Kejriwal, Bhushan, Yadav
AAP leaders Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sishodia, Prashant Bhusan and Yogendra Yadav during a press conference in New Delhi on 8 June, 2014.IANS file

A day after AAP leaders Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan were expelled from the party at the national council meeting on Saturday, AAP released a video with the speech of Arvind Kejriwal, who asks them (Yadav and Bhushan) not to destroy the party "like this".

Take the party, but don't kill it like this... In the past one year, there have been fights in all the national executive meets, every PAC meet saw shouting and screaming. Now, you have to decide whether you are with me or them (Yadav and Bhushan)," Kejriwal said in the video, Hindustan Times reported.

The video posted on YouTube on Sunday contains a compilation of Kejriwal's speech from Saturday when both Yadav and Bhushan were removed from the decision-making panel for alleged anti-party activities.

In the video, Kejriwal said that he made several efforts to sort out differences between the party members peacefully but to no avail.

"There were attempts to weaken me, weaken the party. When I came back from Bengaluru, I spoke to members of my team and sent them the same night to speak to Yogendra bhai. From that day to day before yesterday (Thursday), we tried our best (sic) the problem would get resolved," Kejriwal said.

"He first said he had five demands which, if met, he would quit all party posts. It was slightly shocking, normally people say either fix the party or we will quit... It was all a sham. He was showing the world that it was a fight of principles," he added.