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Take Off opened to positive response.Take Off/Facebook

The latest Malayalam movie Take Off, starring Parvathy, Kunchacko Boban, Fahadh Faasil and Asif Ali, opened to a fabulous response from the audience and celebs alike on March 24.

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The movie is based on the real life incidents of Indian nurses held hostage by the ISIS militants in Tikrit, Iraq in 2014. Viewers are all praise for movie's high standards and terrific performances from the lead actors, especially Parvathy.

Many celebrities had earlier promoted the realistic thriller by sharing the trailer in social media. Now, after the movie's release, lot of them are giving it up for the directorial venture of Mahesh Narayanan.

The movie's trailers had raised the expectations of the audience. The initial response suggests Take Off is primed to set the cash registers ringing at the worldwide box offices as well. The movie is bankrolled by Anto Joseph and Shebin Backer in association with Rajesh Pillai Films. 

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Vijay Babu

Malayala cinema has taken off .....
Take off has taken it to the next level .
Congrats Mahesh Narayanan , Anto Joseph , Parvathy , kunchako Boban , Fahad Fazil , Asif Ali , all the other technicians and artists .

Ranjith Sankar

Take off is an truly outstanding effort.Take a bow MaheshNarayanan !! This is the film which truly marks the growth of malayalam cinema..Anto Joseph and Shebin Backer can be ever proud of producing this..A true tribute to the passion called Rajesh Pillai.A big salute to chackochan for initiating this..Parvathy,Mahesh and even the minimal casting and all technicians involved..The perfect team effort!! Malayalam cinema has taken off!!!

An awsm..genuine.. honest.. emotionally and technically briliant poetry on cinema... TAKE OFF.... pls watch it in theatre soon

Joju George

Another Master Born Mahesh Narayanan
A Beautiful Movie
Don't miss this wonderful experience
Fahadh FaasilParvathy TK#asifali and #kunchakoboban given their Best
Hats off team

Ashvin A Matthew

Just watched the film 'Take off' and was blown away!!!!! Super proud to be part of an industry that pushes the envelope with every release.Based on the true story of the 19 nurses that were rescued from ISIS in Iraq , beautifully Nd realistically made and performed by all, especially the central female protagonist. Moved me so much that i almost stood up when a few bars of the national anthem was played towards the end! It has everything you'd expect ......With subtitles :) Do Not Miss It !!

Vinitha Koshy

Malayalam cinema vere oru level ennu kaanichu thanna #takeoff. A must watch

Nebish Benson

I am confused wether me and my friends came out watching a foreign film. It was a beautiful Take Off ! Kudos to the whole crew of take off. Brilliant screenplay brilliant making music everything. Acting of each and everyone in the film should be appreciated.Felt like being in a war zone !! Woohoo way to go Malayala Cinema Go watch Take off from your nearest theatres !!

Vishnu G Raghav

Rememberin the spirit with which u talk about the kind of movies u wanna make Mahesh Narayanan.. And that clearly shows! Take off is a milestone!

Vivek Ranjit

Mahesh Narayanan has been like a mentor to me and many of us. Have heard him narrate many stories and ideas which he wanted to direct, for several years now. But I'm glad Take Off is the subject and film which he chose to make his directorial debut with. A stellar film which excels in all departments, portrays a magnificent & gritty real story with utmost perfection and international standards, staying within the constraints of Malayalam Cinema. Parvathy is the life and soul of this movie. Playing the central character Sameera, she makes us travel along with her on this devastating journey, giving us a first hand experience of her travails, pain & struggle. Hats off to her. Kunchacko Boban plays a strong backbone and the driving force behind Sameera, and we can see one of his finest performances in this film. He is the emotional anchor of the film and delivers a moving performance. Asif Ali appears in just a few scenes, but gives a very sensitive, matured performance. Was really happy to see a completely different Asif in this movie, and his decision to take up that cameo role deserves a special applause. And of course, Fahadh Faasil is phenomenal from the second he appears on screen, till the last frame. Have been missing him on screen since Maheshinte Prathikaram, and he has made the wait truly worth it. A moving screenplay by Maheshettan and P V Shaji Kumar with some brilliant dialogues and not a single faulty note. Skilfully edited by Maheshettan and Abhilash Balachandran, nice songs by Shaan Rahman and Gopi Sunder, who has also composed the evocative background score for the movie. Sanu John Varughese has shot the movie gloriously, in a truly international level, along with art director Santhosh Raman, taking us to completely new landscape and never disconnecting us from the emotional journey of the characters. From the visuals, it is difficult to believe that this is a Malayalam film we are watching. Prakash Belawadi, the little kid Eric, Prem Prakash Sir, Alencier, Rony David Raj, Anjali Nair, all the other nurses and the entire cast have performed brilliantly. Raja Krishnan's sound mixing, Vishnu Govind & Sree Sankar's sound design - amazing again!!
The film had me with moist eyes at many instances and with goosebumps at many others. We can be proud that such a film was made in our industry. Don't miss it at any cost!
Thank you Anto Joseph, Shebin Backer, Mekha Chechi and the entire cast & crew for making this happen. Rajeshettan must be feeling really proud from up there! This is the best tribute which can be given to that man who lived for cinema! Salutes Mahesh Narayanan for Take Off! People, go watch the very next show! We shouldn't let this film down. Rajeshettan would be feeling very proud, up there!

Alexander Prasanth


Jithin Lal

Take off. Must watch 

Sachin Balu

Take off....my goodness....after watching some movies u feel like telling every stranger u see 'hey..go watch that movie'. TAKE OFF is even beyond that...awesome awesome awesome...Incredible movie..

Vinay Govind

Mahesh Narayanan had been a text book while I'd started working in films and had the privilege to learn a lot from him. I had the best movie watching experience of my life with #Takeoff. Lived every moment with the actors throughout the journey. Parvathy shouldered the film with panache and a huge salute to Kunchacko Boban.. Fahadh Fasil and Asif for supporting the cause of this film and delivering memorable performances of their respective careers. Shot with all heart by dear Sanu chettan... And the brilliant edit binds it tight. Abhilash..!! Genuine dose of music by Shaan Rahman and Gopi Sundar, supported by a kickass sound design by Sound Factor and a solid mix by Rajakrishnan elevated the mood to a different level. There is still that tremor in my heart and hands shivering while I type this. But couldnt wait to voice it out and ask everyone to go out asap to the theatres and experience it. Hats off to Anto chettan and Shebin backer for standing by the dream of our dear Rajeshettan. Proud and happy and content.
PS. Special thanks to Padma theatre for running the entire end credits roll. The entire crowd waited till the very end to appplaud.

Akhil Paul

Mahesh Narayanan at the helm with his direction,a brilliant screenplay and razor sharp edits, comes out as the shining star of this rescue-mission thriller. The DOP Sanu John Varghese,Background score and music byGopi Sunder compliment the effort excellently. A very special mention to the actors; Parvathi in what may be her career best role as Sameera with Kunchacko Boban and Fahad delivering subtle measured performances. Hats off to Anto Joseph and Shebin Becker for delivering this perfect tribute to Rajesh Raman Pillai. Guys don't miss this in theatres.

Sreedhar Pillai

TakeOff 3.5/5. Honest & sincere attempt by editor turned director #MaheshNarayanan aka @mahi27012 based on Nurses stranded in war torn Iraq. Good script, Well etched characterization & Riveting performances #Parvathy (sans make-up), #Chackoachan & @twitfahadh. 3.50/5 Awesome camera #Viswaroopam fame #SanuVargheese using UAE locations as Iraq. Plot similarity with #Airlift. Still well made

Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan

Take off is brilliant. Hats off to the entire team