Over 500 were injured in a mysterious fire during a music concert on Saturday
Over 500 people were injured in a water fire during a music concert on Saturday.Video Grab/YouTube

Over 500 people suffered burn injuries at a water park in Taiwan in an explosion caused by a mysterious flammable object sprayed into the crowd during a music concert on Saturday.

The fire was sparked by an unknown powder which triggered a fire and an explosion, Wang Wei-sheng, a liaison with the New Taipei City fire department command centre told CBS News.

There were over 1,000 people in the concert hall of the Formosa Water Park in New Taipei City near Bali district, when the incident took place at around 8.30pm (local time). The fire was quickly brought under control. 

No death was reported. However, the condition of 183 people was serious as many of them had suffered over 40 per cent burns, state news agency CNA reported.

Taiwan's ministry of health and welfare department said that it required large quantities of medical supplies and skin grafts for the victims, CNN reported.

A video of the Formosa Water Park accident, published by The Guardian, shows the crowd dancing to the music, when a large quantity of a white mysterious powder is sprayed on the crowd. It was then followed by a fire and an explosion.

The recreational park was hosting a "Colour Play Asia" party when the incident took place. The local police have detained two park workers who sprayed the powder. The party organiser and two technicians were being questioned, the CNA reported.