Shivaraj Kumar-Dhananjay's Tagaru
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Duniya Soori had dared to present Shivaraj Kumar sans machete in his 2013 film Kaddipudi. He had taken a big chance as he was going against the belief that people would not accept Shivanna sans machete or guns in an action film. Five years later, he has collaborated with him again in Tagaru, which has Dhananjay, Manvitha Harish and Bhavana in key roles.

Tagaru's movie stills and poster

The key factor in all Duniya Soori movies are raw and gritty. His latest movie Tagaru too is  no different. Shivaraj Kumar will be seen as a cop, while Dhananjay plays the role of antagonist named Dolly. Vasishta Simha too will be seen in the negative role of Chitte. 

Suri has adopted a non-linear screenplay in Tagaru. As a result, the curiosity builds around the story from the word go. Several incidents are shown like a puzzle and how it is connected to the main plot is the crux of the story.

Tagaru has created a lot of buzz from the day the movie was announced. If the reunion of Shivaraj Kumar and Duniya Soori thrilled their fans, Dhananjay's new look sans moustache and long hair has impressed the audience.

The movie, which has the music of Charan Raj, Mahendra Simha's cinematography and Deepu S Kumar's editing, has hit the screens on February 23. 

The movie has opened to fairly positive reviews with netizens calling it to be a violent action entertainer. The screenplay backed by fine performance has been lauded by the audience.


Tagaru will be remembered for many things, but the primary reason will be the screenplay. It is a violent action entertainer sans usual commercial distractions with great repeat value.
Shivanna continues to amaze with his matured performance. Dhananjay decides to take a giant leap by doing an antagonist role. He submitted himself to Suri and result is out there to see. Vasishta Simha has a well-etched role, while Manvitha makes the most of what is given to her. Charan Raj's music is a major asset to the movie and has top class cinematography by Mahendra Simha! 

Find out what netizens say about the film here:

Shriram L‏ @shriram_lmysore

#Tagaru Intense screenplay as usual #shivrajkumar super no replacement dolly @Dhananjayaka super acting u have ruled the film when you compare this film with ur previous it's entirely different a new chapter @vasishtansimha that base scene with shivanna worth watchable.

Sathya Narayana R

#Tagaru Outstanding Movie, Duniya Suri proves again he is a cult classic director. Shivanna and Dolly Dhananjay superb performance. Movie must be watched from title card. Its non-linear screen play. Music and Cinematography Mahen Simmha has added more value to the cinema.

Deepak Gowda‏

Watched #Tagaru, Typical Suri movie, terrific screenplay especially 2nd half, Shivanna just keeps setting benchmarks with each movie, @Dhananjayaka gets his career best role as #Daali, songs are excellent, Go watch it !!

ಸಾಗರ್ ಜಾಕಿ™‏

Watched #Tagaru in urvashi theater first half slow goes slow with suspense Second half amazing @Dhananjayaka Anna I became fan of u en attitude Guru nindu Chindi acting #Surii Straight Screenplay alli Movie madidre Industry Hit agtitu


#Tagaru first half blends intense crime, grand bgm with hard hitting Shivanna dialogues. @Dhananjayaka screen presence is dominating... #Tagaru swivels with jumbled narration .With a Soori stamp raw narration and mindboggling technicalities, it's an intense crime drama. It may not crave for regular audience. Shivanna at his usual best and career best performance from @Dhananjayaka ,while @vasishtansimha impress again with his bass. A Soori movie yet again brings his authority after Kaddipudi. A worthy watch for cinegoers. #Tagaru #TagaruJatre #TagaruReview

Muhammad Adhil

#Tagaru : A typical cat and mouse plot narrated with unconventionally intriguing screenplay and terrific characters.Shivanna and @Dhananjayaka completely owned it.Go watch..! #Tagaru : Story wise usual but it is the screenplay which takes your complete attention whenever you feels like its going to fall as routine.Sans for few pace drops Suri wins. #Tagaru : Dialogues are at usual best of Suri which is another plus and technically kickass with terrific music and DOP.Suri has given his editor a tough time which compliments his screenplay technique. #Tagaru : Both the leads Shivanna and @Dhananjayaka competes each other and its difficult for the audience to conclude who has taken the biggest pie. #Tagaru : In the end Suri leaves his mark as he ends things witha a punch.Bring on the sequel fastWait for #Tagaru2 starts.


Finished watching tagaru early morning show... This tagaru packs a wallop..its blends violence with unheard of weirdness ,yet it keeps audience hooked on with nonlinear narration... full of oomph..shivana,dhananjay, music director steal the show...tagaru is unputdownable.


#Tagaru - Interval - Irregular screenplay.Typical Soori http://stamp.Fast editing.Shivanna ,Dhananjay excel in there roles.More to come in 2nd half #Tagaru - Very conventional format.One of its own kind.Overapped flashback Frontflash type of screenplay every alternate scenes.Soori rocks and excels.4.5/5 #Tagaru - Very Unconventional**.One of its own kind.4.5/5

Kannika D N‏

#Tagaru best #sukkasoori movie in recent times, delves deeply into the dark world. @Dhananjayaka the finest, handsome cruel villain injects fear in your nerves. #FDFS #MUSTWATCH


Wow what a film #Tagaru its a roller coaster ride u don't wanna miss. Shivanna is a boss & @Dhananjayaka @vasishtansimha just killed it. Well packaged film. you'll feel a new different experience. Suri you are just brilliant and beyond awesome director.

Raghuram Kulkarni‏

#Tagaru Out and Out shivanna movie...Overall movie is Good, Dhananjay has done pretty good job in negative shade along with Vashishta. Suri has come up with a different style of story narration Music is excellent camera work is decent.Overall worth "Shivannana Pogaru".... Thumsup


#Tagaru starts from end & dives into dark imaginary duniya of Suri, 1st half is slow & 2nd half is pacy closes with bang, #Shivanna is gd but #Dalli @Dhananjayaka steals show as ruthless rowdy well supported by Chitte @vasishtansimha, Cockroach & hippie gal @ManvithaHarish

Abhishek SN‏ 

#Tagaru : Suri narrates the same events three times, each time with more clarity, which makes it too interesting and exciting for audience to watch the movie as it unfolds. Great songs make it more enjoyable. Shivanna rocks with his style. Manvitha looks so lively and lovely #Tagaru : Deadly Narration.. Dhananjaya excels in his screen presence. not to be missed.. Not to be delayed.. Go watch it

Creative Guyz‏

#Tagaru -Interval Interesting First Half!@Dhananjayaka gives and Outstanding performance! @ManvithaHarish is good.Sukka Suri Mark!

Nakul B M‏

#Tagaru chindi screenplay... #suri you are unbelievable...Expect the unexpecte with #dolly Still in hangover of dolly @Dhananjayaka Shivanna 's energy is unmatchable....

Tejas MD‏ 

Watched #Tagaru what a intense movie @Dhananjayaka hats off for your acting..... #daali character will become nightmare for all so much intense... One word "superb" @Dhananjayaka @kannadacinemas1

Madhusudan KS‏ 

#tagaru super screenplay,hope police department takes a message from this,apt for present times.


Done 1st half #Tagaru Yen screenplay guru...cult cult ..suri sir nailed Shivanna Devru guru Dalli aka dhananjay excellent Charm bgm theater roof kitoguthie


#Tagaru Interval. Blood,Girls, Crime,Rowdism. Typical Suri Stuff. #Tagaru - Last 30mins is the biggest strength. Settled Performance by Shivanna. @Dhananjayaka is Terrific. Dialogues, Charan Raj Music, Intriguing Screenplay makes it special. Rating - 3.75/5

ಶಿವು ಅಡ್ಡ™

#Tagaru First Half, Full Bottle Kick. #Shivanna @Dhananjayaka @ManvithaHarish @SreekanthKP06

Sky Boxoffice India

#Tagaru #TagaruReview. #ಟಗರು Paisa Vasool Mass Film . Don't miss Soori & Shiva Rajkumar's 2018's first Blockbuster @vasishtansimha & @Dhananjayaka Steals the show with their deadly villain avatar. Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.5 Stars)