Digital Rights Management (DRM) policy have been controvertial among developers and publishers in the gaming industry. When Microsoft announced its DRM policy for Xbox One, it was scrapped after overwhelming majority were against it. Ubisoft , video game developers and publishers, have now said that DRMs will not be able to stop piracy.

With given time and effort pirated copies can be made , Chris Early, Vice President of digital publishing, Ubisoft was of the opinion. Players must be given quality service and games.

"What becomes key for us is making we're delivering an experience to paying players that is quality. I don't want us in a position where we're punishing a paying player for what a pirate can get around. Anything is going to be able to be pirated given enough time and enough effort to get in there," said Chris Early, vice president of digital publishing, Ubisoft in an interview with GameSpot.

"So the question becomes, what do we create as services, or as benefits, and the quality of the game, that will just have people want to pay for it?" he added.

He also said there will be some people who will always be stealing the game. He added that developers will have to concentrate on making better games and must see to it that the games will have more online services featured in them. He also spoke about developing a game that is supported by good services, thus providing players incentives and pulling them away from piracy.

"I think it's much more important for us to focus on making a great game and delivering good services. The reality is, the more service there is in a game, pirates don't get that. So when it's a good game and there's good services around it, you're incentivized to not pirate the game to get the full experience," said Early.

Ubisoft had dropped its controversial DRM policy in 2012 after listening to feedback from players and fans. Now, only PC players are required to connect to the internet once when they install it for the first time.

Wolfenstein: The New Order was reportedly pirated more than 100,000 times in its first week after its launch on 20 May.

DRM is not effective in stopping piracy , CD Projekt Red,  developers of The Witcher , have said before .