During the lockdown, one of the groups that were the hardest hit were the migrant workers. Even as celebrities like Sonu Sood are doing their bit to help in the crisis, it hardly takes away from the fact that they have been suffering and have been through a lot in the ordeal.

Taapsee Pannu stirs up emotions as she recites a haunting poem on the migrant workers during the lockdown. She shared the poem on her Instagram feed against the video of vivid images from the crisis, surely everyone will recognise.

Taapsee Pannu

Taapsee Pannu recites heartfelt poem on the migrant workers

This lockdown has been hard on all of us, so has the Coronavirus pandemic which is what made the lockdown necessary in the first place. But, the lockdown has been hard on the have nots. Migrant workers around the country suffered endlessly as the lockdown proceeded and were on the receiving end of hate and at the mercy of governments. 

Some Bollywood celebrities like Sonu Sood helped the migrant workers out, in trying to get them home and give them food. Still, there's work that needs to be done, and the government has been held responsible for their plight. 

Taapsee Pannu shared an overwhelming poem on Instagram that beautifully captures the perils of the migrant workers. The poem is recited against the backdrop of images from the crisis which touches the heart. These images would be familiar to all who've been watching the news and social media, from the movement of migrant workers to being sprayed with disinfectant and the image of the young kid crying next to the body of his dead mother. The poem is now gaining popularity and comments suggest that the actress should put her words into action. Many are commending the actress on her stand. 

Taapsee's voice adds to the soulfulness, titled 'Pravaasi', she ends with a question, "Hum to bas pravaasi hain, kya is desh ke vaasi hain? (We're just migrants, are we also citizens of this country?)" It's a question for all of us, she captioned the poem, "A series of pictures that probably will never leave our mind. The lines that will echo in our head for a long time. This pandemic was worse than just a viral infection for India. हमारे दिल से, आपके दिल तक, उन हज़ारों दिलों के लिए जो शायद हम सब ने तोड़े हैं । (From our heart, to yours, for all those thousands of hearts which maybe we've al broken)"