AT&T Is Running A Promotional 7GB Mobile Share Value Plan; Everything You Need To Know
AT&T's New 7GB Mobile Share Value Plan Offers Unlimited Text, Talk and Truly Shareable DataAT&T

In a bid to attract more customers, AT&T is offering a new promotional plan.

The competition in the US wireless industry is intense and carriers need to stay on top of their game to gain supremacy over rivals. AT&T is doing just that with the latest 7GB Mobile Share Value plan that offers unlimited talktime, text and 7GB of shareable data, which is also good with AT&T's rollover data program. It's a bundle of great offers for those on AT&T's network.

AT&T's new plan will officially kick off in Sunday, 15 February, and run for a limited period. The national carrier did not announce when the promotion ends but if you are really into it, act fast before the offer runs out.

According to AT&T, the plan is priced at $120 per month for three lines on the plan. Both new and existing customers can take advantage of the new offer. The plan gives additional perks to AT&T Next customers They can pay just $15 per month for an extra smartphone line access as compared to $40 per month for subsidized phones. New customers signing up for a new smartphone under AT&T Next are entitled for a $100 credit.

AT&T's deal does not cover the cost of the new smartphones, which varies from $15 to $30, depending on the model.

According to AT&T's calculations, the new deal will help save customers at least $25 a month. Under the carrier's 6GB plan, each additional line will cost $25 racking up the monthly bill to $235. However, in the case of 7GB plan, customers pay $210 for the data, access fee and monthly payments of three latest devices.

With 7GB data each month, customers can stream 60 hours of music and watch 12 hours of video, surf web for 110 hours, download 50 apps, post 500 photos on social media and exchange 5,000 emails.