The ongoing coronavirus crisis is reaching its peak and Maharashtra has been the worst-hit till now. While the lockdown has been extended till May 17, there have been relaxations in a lot of places to revive the economy. The problem is this exposes the risk of a rise in infections. 

Now, in Mumbai, the T-Series building has been completely sealed off due to a positive case in the company. Despite following the lockdown rules, a case has been found amongst the staff of the company who were staying on the office premises.

Bhushan Kumar

T-Series building sealed after one employee tests positive for Covid-19

Coronavirus cases have been on a steady rise in the country, despite the government's efforts to contain the spread and to quell the crisis. Even the lockdown could only slow down the spread and now with certain relaxations in place to revive the economy which has hit an all-time low, we can expect further spread of the disease. 

Coronavirus has proved that it doesn't discriminate and now, T-Series the music giant in Bollywood has been hit by the disease. Authorities sealed off then entire T-Series building after one caretaker tested positive for Coronavirus. The company has been complying with the Government's directives from the get-go. 


While speaking to India TV a spokesperson from the company revealed that they had taken immediate action upon hearing that their employees were showing symptoms. They said that there were some in-house staff and security personnel who were residing on the building premises. They couldn't travel to their hometowns during the lockdown and therefore continued staying there, but three of them started showing symptoms and one has tested positive so far. The others are still awaiting their reports. The music and movie production company has said it will do the needful and look after its employees. 

Many apartment complexes, buildings, and offices have reported positive cases for coronavirus owing to Mumbai being a red zone and have been reporting a high number of cases for a while now. Hopefully, normalcy will return in due time.