Most people were under the impression that One Direction and Justin Bieber had the biggest fan following in the world, but they have just been proved wrong. Although the fans of British boy band One Direction and Canadian heartthrob Justin Bieber fought hard, the Billboard's competition that determined the strongest fanbase was won by the Queens aka the fans of K-Pop band T-ara.

T-ara's Queens are so aggressive that even Queen Beyonce's Beyhive stood no chance against them. Billboard's 'fan army-off' divided the followers of various global artists into four groups: Pop, R&B/Hip-Hop, K-Pop and Rock. After beating all their peers in the K-Pop group, T-ara fans faced the fans of One Direction (Pop), Beyonce (R&B/Hip-Hop) and 5 Seconds of Summer (Rock) in the semi-finals and beat them all one by one.

While Beyonce earned 1,551,453 votes in the final showdown, T-ara gathered 3,445,821 votes. The directioners were miffed by the defeat and used the trending, "#WeLove1dAndKpop", on Twitter to insult the Queens. Although it was meant to be a fun competition, things quickly turned ugly between the directioners and the Queens, and the former group even accused the K-Pop fans of automated voting.