The Syrian rebels have released a video that claims to show the "dead Russian pilot" of the jet reportedly shot down by Turkey.

The clip, widely shared on social media by Syrian rebels, shows a group of men in military fatigue standing around the body of man in the uniform of a Russian pilot. 

According to security experts, the dead Russian pilot had fallen in the hands of Alwiya Al-'Ashar (the 10th Brigade), which is part Free Syrian Army and has tie-ups with the US-Saudi-Turkey backed "MOM" operations room.

An FSA source confirmed to Reuters that the footage of the dead Russian pilot was genuine and was taken in the northern countryside of the Latakia province. [Watch Video]

The video shows the Syrian rebel fighters around the body of the dead man chanting "Allahu Akbar". A Syrian rebel source told the Associated Press the Russian pilot was found dead on landing after he ejected from the warplane shot down by Turkey.

In the meantime, both Russia and Turkey have launched a massive rescue operation to find the other pilot.

Local reports claim the Syrian rebels in the area are also hunting for the Russian pilot.

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