Manar Laktineh
Manar LaktinehPR Handout

It is always worth investing in a new summer bag when the weather warms up. Accessories are essentials, so they should change with the rest of your seasonal wardrobe. Syrian designer Manar Laktineh from Moni & J, who is popular for styling bags and trending them, gave out some styling tips.

Hollywood to Bollywood celebrities are addicted to her styled bags. She gave out some ideas on how to look stylish and be in fashion during the summers.

"As you swap out heavier winter fabrics for lightweight linens and cotton, you should switch out your bags too. That trusty leather tote you relied on throughout winter will weigh down your breezy dresses and dull those spring florals. With summer comes warmer days, lighter evenings and as a result, al fresco lunches and dinners – your outfit should reflect this change. So, downsize and pack light – bulky bags are no fun in a heatwave, plus mini bags are the next big thing. Swap black for warm brown tones and introduce earthy materials like straw, bamboo and wood into your wardrobe." she said in a statement.

The journey of MONI & J began quite interestingly. It all began with a distinct, soothing smell of leather... authentic leather.

Every morning, Manar watched her mother tailor make special leather clothing and matching shoes for herself and her close relatives. Manar admired the craftsmanship and refined artistry that was needed to make these exclusive leather pieces. From the zippers, linings and strappings to the most intricate stitching details, Manar was infatuated with it all. She began helping her mother by handling small tasks such as cutting leather pieces, matching colours, and as the tasks got more complicated, it became a real passion and Manar realized that she wanted to make this her lifelong job.

"My mother and her friends were fascinated by the ideas I gave them. I loved women's fashion and was able to spot what suits each woman, even as young girl" claims Manar, as she recollects her childhood memories.

Manar Laktineh launched MONI & Jin 2012. Moni was her nickname growing up and is a continuous reminder of her humble roots, and "J" represents her daughters, the driving force in her life and story behind her success.