Russia is all set to test its latest version of 'drop and forget' supersonic smart bomb, KAB-250 in Syria against the Islamic State (Isis).

According to Israeli military intelligence website, DEBKAfiles, the "newest precision-guided munition," will be tested in near future in Syria.

Moscow is already using an older version of the precision-guided munition (PGM) - KAB-500, which was used against Isis in September, Sputnik News had reported.

The KAB 250, which has - a laser-guided and a satellite-guided version, is expected to be used in Syria before the end of this year.

Earlier this month, Nikolai Novichkov, a Defence writer with IHS Jane's Defence Weekly wrote that the bomb is in trials on the Sukhoi Su-34, and the final trials are to be completed late this year.

The 250 kg bomb is initially controlled by an inertial guidance system, which directs the bomb towards the target area. After reaching within two to three km from the target, the bomb's onboard computer activates the thermal homing device, which then acquires the designated target and then compares the image with the reference picture to adjust its precision-path, so that it falls within three-metre radius of the hit-zone.

Since launching its massive air campaign in Syria, several hi-tech Russian equipment from the Russian arsenal have been used against the terrorist forces in the region.

Besides deploying some its latest fighter jets, reports this month found that Russia has given the Syrians one of its deadliest weapons in its fight against the Islamic State (Isis) militants in Syria -- the TOS-1A Heavy Flamethrower System also known as the Blazing Sun.

At least one such Russian multiple rocket launcher and thermobaric weapons mounted on a T-72 tank chassis was seen in possession of Syrian soldiers.