ISIS burning alive
Isis parading captured Kurdish soldiers inside cages in a videoTwitter

Reports have emerged that about 100 people, including 30 Kurdish fighters, have escaped from a prison run by the Islamic State in Aleppo on Tuesday, according to a UK-based monitoring agency.

According to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 95 captives escaped from the Isis prison in the town of al-Bab in Northern Syria on 10 March.

Certain social media reports that still need to be confirmed claimed that unidentified gunmen attacked the Isis prison in al-Bab and released the prisoners after killing the militants guarding the prison.

Reuters report, citing the Observatory, stated that following the prison break, Isis has put the entire town on "high alert." Isis fighters are conducting door-to-door search and have asked the local residents to hand over the escaped "apostates," if they find them.

Al-Bab had reportedly became the site of a fierce showdown after two groups of Isis fighters clashed among themselves and ended up killing nine people. It has emerged that the group of Isis men, who had left the group and were attempting to cross into Turkey, were captured and imprisoned.

Later the prisoners aided by another Isis fighter attempted a jailbreak. Five of the killed were the prisoners, while four were Isis loyalists.