Isis stones man for homosexuality in Hom,Syria.
Isis stones man for homosexuality in Hom,Syria.SOHR/Facebook

The Islamic State militants reportedly made a man accused of being 'gay' run through a field, blindfolded, as his persecutors hurled stones at him, before killing him in Syria, a rights group reported.

The new execution report that emerged on Wednesday from Homs, a Western Syrian province located 162km from Damascus, noted that the unidentified man was stoned to death by Isis on charges of 'homosexuality.'

UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirming the stoning of the "homosexual man" in Homs, noted that at least a dozen men participated in the stoning.

The images of the stoning shared on social media show a crowd of men, believed to be Isis fighters and its supporters chasing a blindfolded man through a field,all the while hurling stones at him.

One of the graphic images shared on social media websites show men in military fatigues, hurling stones at a blindfolded man with blood oozing out of his head as he runs through the field.

The SOHR report, however, does not reveal the name of the victim stoned to death nor the date when Isis executed the man. It is also not clear whether the man was prosecuted by Isis in a Sharia court before the stoning.

Isis, which claims to follow the strictest form of Islam and its Sharia law, considers homosexuality a crime punishable by death. In January, the Islamic State released a rather shocking image of throwing two gay men off the roof of a building at least 10-storey high in Mosul, Iraq.

The Sunni militant group in at least two reported incidents have executed 'gay' men by throwing them off the roof in Syria.