• An 80-year old Chinese man from Xinjiang has joined Isis in Syria.
    An 80-year-old Chinese man from Xinjiang has joined Isis in Syria.ISIS Media
  • An Isis propaganda video shows an 80-year old Muslim man from China declaring to fight for Isis in Syria.
    An Isis propaganda video shows an 80-year old Muslim man from China declaring to fight for Isis in Syria.ISIS Media

A new propaganda video released by the Islamic State militants in Syria features an 80-year-old man from China, who has promised fellow Uyghur Muslims that he will raise the flag of Isis in the communist country.

The 80-year-old claims that he was inspired to join Isis after watching the 'matrydom' video (a suicide bombing mission) of his son.

After watching his son die in a suicide mission, Muhammed Amin, who was an Imam in Xinjiang - an autonomous territory in northwest China, decided to take up a journey all the way to Syria with his family to fight for the caliphate. 

On why he left China, Amin told the Isis fighter interviewing him: "I was subjected to oppression in Turkestan at the hands of the Chinese... for 60 years."

In the Isis video, the Chinese grandfather of four, is seen holding an AK 47. The second half of the video showed him commanding an anti-aircraft gunship.

"I came to Islamic State and went to training camp despite my old age," he added. "I went to training camp and I crawled, I ran and I rolled. I did almost everything and ended training camp well. After receiving a weapon I asked permission to participate in battle, but he didn't give me permission so I am presently in ribat (base)."

The Chinese Imam claims that although he thinks he is fit for battle, he is waiting for permission from Isis commanders.

Amin travelled to Syria along with his four grandchildren, a daughter and wife. The Isis propaganda video also shows a young child, believed to be an Uyghur Muslim boy from Xinjiang, singing a song about 'matrydom'.

Another child is seen screaming out a threat: "O Chinese kuffar, know that we are preparing in the land of the Khalifah and we will come to you and raise this flag in Turkestan," using the term for China's Xinjiang region that is used by Uyghur separatists.

Security experts analysing the high quality Isis video believe that it is propaganda to attract more Muslims from Xinjiang to join Isis.

"It's clearly a rallying cry to all Muslims everywhere...The tenor of the entire video is that ISIS is now fighting a 'crusade' in reverse: Muslims from all over everywhere are flocking to fight for the caliphate," Anthony Glees, the director of the Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies at the University of Buckingham, told Daily Mail.

In February, reports had emerged that at least 300 members of the country's Uyghur ethnic group had joined Isis. The Bloombergview report claimed that the "migration" of the ethnic Muslims from Xinjiang was spurred by a government crackdown.