Sylvester Stallone, Sage Stallone
It's been a summer of grief for Sylvester Stallone. His son, Sage Stallone, died six weeks ago and now his half sister, Toni Ann Filiti, has lost her battle with lung cancer. Reuters

Sage Stallone, son of Hollywood action hero Sylvester Stallone, was found dead at his home in Hollywood on Friday.

Police said that Sage's body was found in his home while responding to a call asking authorities to check on his well-being. Paramedics were called in but he was declared dead.

"There was some concern that his family and friends hadn't heard from him in the past day, and that's why the housekeeper went over there and opened up the house," Reuters quoted attorney George Braunstein as saying. "It's a tragedy. He was a young, talented extremely good filmmaker and a lovely person."

Police are not sure of the cause of his death and still trying to find out is it was intentional or accidental. Sources said that he must have died of drugs overdose but police officials refused to jump into any conclusion.

"Sage's death does NOT appear to be a suicide. We're told there was NO suicide note found at the scene," authorities told TMZ, adding, "Officials DID find "numerous empty pill bottles" in the area where Sage's body was discovered. No word on what types of medication the pill bottles were for."

"We don't know any of the details but it must have been some sort of tragic accident. He was full of life and working on projects," Reuters quoted Braunstein as saying. "He wasn't at all depressed or anything like that."

The exact cause of death will come to light only after the autopsy test, which is expected to be conducted within two days.

36-year-old Sage Stallone is the younger son of Sylvester Stallone from his first marriage with Sasha Czack. He acted with his father in "Rocky V" (1990) and appeared in several other films. He also directed a few films including "Daylight" (1996).

Sylvester Stallone is said to be devastated over the death of his son.

"Sylvester Stallone is devastated and grief-stricken over the sudden loss of his son Sage Stallone. His compassion and thoughts are with Sage's mother, Sasha. Sage was a very talented and wonderful young man.  His loss will be felt forever," Reuters quoted a statement by the actor's publicist.

(With Inputs from Reuters)