Hostages at the Lindt Cafe hold the Black flag.
Hostages at the Lindt Cafe hold the Black flag.YouTube

Following the Sydney siege, which has now entered its 12th hour without any resolution, the Australian community have come out in solidarity to support the Muslims in the country over fears that they may be targeted on streets.

A heart-warming hashtag has emerged on Twitter, after hundreds of Australians offered to accompany Muslims to work in case they don't feel safe due to the ongoing hostage crisis at Lindt Cafe in Sydney.

The hashtag, #illridewithyou, began trending on Twitter, with some commuters volunteering to travel on buses and trains with worried Muslim companions, while others offered to give them a lift in their cars.

While it is still unclear, who really started the hashtag, Twitter users noted that it was started by @sirtessa.

Within a few hours after it first appeared, the hashtag started trending on Twitter and is being widely praised as a novel way of combating racism and bringing Australians together in such difficult times.

A Twitter post under the trending hastag noted how a simple gesture by an Australian citizen helped a Muslim women.

Australia Unites on Twitter with #IllRideWithYou

Amanda ‏@atrafic
#illridewithyou and I will stand with you my brothers and sisters. We are Australian, no one can change us.

Priya Chandra ‏@priyachandra
Reading the #IllRideWithYou tweets and feeling so proud of my fellow Aussies. Wish I still caught public transport & could participate.

Alan Armstrong ‏@Alby2830

If you are one of the 99% of Australians who are decent human beings ... tell our Muslim community #IllRideWithYou 

Jacob ‏@WhatJacobSaid
After reading the disgusting, bigoted & inflammatory comments today, my faith in humanity was semi-restored when I saw #illridewithyou

Wasim Ali ‏@WasimAli01

Australians offer to accompany Muslim Australians in public places if they fear racist backlash using #illridewithyou hashtag. This is Unity 

rixtonsus ‏@biebersstutter
#illridewithyou we're all equal why would I not want to be around someone because of how they dress or their beliefs we all deserve respect