Zurich Salon du Chocolat Chocolate Show
A model presents a creation at the first Salon du Chocolat (Zurich Chocolate Show) in Zurich March 29, 2012.Reuters

The Switzerland is hosting a three day-long unique fashion show, "Salon du Chocolat," in Zurich.

The "Salon du Chocolat" (Salon of Chocolate in French) is a yearly trade fair for the international chocolate industry.

The event, which is generally known as "Paris Chocolate Show," was first held in Paris in 1994.

In its previous editions, it has been held in other cities like New York, Tokyo, Moscow and very recently in Beijing and Shanghai.

The show which is going to be held from March 30 to April 1 will feature unique creations by chocolatiers, pastry chefs and chefs from Switzerland and all over the world.

Check out the photos of the show.