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ABC aired episode 10 season 4 of "Switched at Birth", which also marked the season finale, on 10 March, and left fans with some reassuring closures and many cliffhangers. Although a renewal for the show has not been officially announced by ABC, a recent tweet from the show's creator has given "Switched at Birth" fans hope for Season 5.

In "There is My Heart", Bay (Vanessa Marano) flew all the way to Los Angeles, to meet her boyfriend Emmett (Sean Berdy) and fix their relationship, which did not go well. Emmett tells Bay that he does not want her to come out to LA at least until she graduates. Although she makes it clear that if he breaks off the relationship now, they are through, Emmett sticks to his decision.

What is in store for one of the cutest couples on TV? Will Bay stay away from romance and focus on her art project, or will she get a new romantic interest? The development most fans are hoping for, however, is for Emmett to realise that he made a mistake and fight to win her back.

Daphne (Katie Leclerc), who got a 'D' in Chemistry if going to take the class again, to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. The disheartened Daphne was persuaded to do so by the playboy Mingo (Adam Hagenbuch). Although Mingo had previously told Daphne he is not looking for a relationship, it is quite certain that he cares for her, especially because it is revealed that he has spoken to his mother about Daphne.

The two of them kiss in "There is My Heart" and shows the possibility for a new romantic story-line. Will they pursue a committed relationship or go on to become "friends with benefits"?

Regina (Constance Marie), who was distrustful regarding her emotionally unavailable boyfriend's long-term intentions after he said he wants to sell their coffee shop, is later ecstatic when she realises that he is also "stupid in love" with her. However, her boyfriend's son reveals to her that his mother is not dead, which is shocking to Regina. Although he never talks about it, Regina had assumed that his wife had died. Will this new information cause a dent in the new relationship?

Toby (Lucas Grabeel) is heart-broken that his girlfriend Lily (Rachel Shenton) is interested in another man, while his mother Kathryn (Lea Thompson) is upset that a musical producer said the baseball musical she wrote with Toby is a waste of time. Will the mother-son duo find success in the musical?

While fans were wondering if they will get answers to these questions with a new season, "Switched at Birth" creator Lizzy Weiss assured fans that she has written the premiere for the next season, which will be aired this summer.