Swine flu
A street dweller cooks in front of graffiti against the H1N1 influenza, at a streetside wall in Mumbai August 28, 2009.Reuters

A massive H1N1 outbreak in several parts of India has taken its toll on the country healthcare, with at least 75 people losing their lives to the deadly swine flu virus in the last six weeks. As many as 70 fresh cases have been reported in three states.

The virus has claimed two lives each in Delhi and Rajasthan, while seven succumbed to the flu in Haryana and three in Telangana, according to the latest report.

The total number of swine flu deaths rose to 75 in all four states, with Delhi, Haryana and Telangana alone registering 70 fresh cases as of Tuesday. Of all the three, Haryana came out be one of the worst affected with 43 cases reported from the state alone, while Delhi and Telangana reported 26 and one, respectively.

The 2015 graph of the H1N1 virus from different states and Territories portrays a terrifying result, as Delhi alone has reported 287 cases, of which five have succumbed to the virus. Two deaths were reported on Tuesday.

In Rajasthan, while 113 patients tested positive for swine flu, it has already taken 27 lives in the state. The dead comprised of 14 females and 13 males. Of the 43 swine flu cases registered in Haryana, seven have already succumbed to the killer virus.

In Telangana, 414 tested positive with the virus and 16, including the three who were reported dead on Tuesday, succumbed to the virus in January this year.

Gujarat has seen nearly 170 cases of swine flu this month and witnessed 22 deaths so far. The state authorities are now launching awareness campaigns against the disease to prevent any further cases of swine flu.

As the state authorities try to contain the virus, experts working on finding the cause of the virus' spread believe that low winter temperature is the major factor behind it, according to a BBC report.

The deadly virus took 981 lives in 2009, and killed at least 1,763 the next year. Though it showed a drastic downfall in 2011when 75 people succumbed to the virus, it started to rise again from the next year with 405 people falling victim to the flu in 2012 and 692 in 2013.

(With inputs from PTI and ANI)