Swiggy one of India's largest online food ordering and delivery app came under radar after calling Upma one of the "worst breakfast dish" leaving Twitter users furious.

On 29th January, Swiggy posted a tweet, asking 'which is the worst breakfast dish and why is it upma?'. Twitter clearly could not digest this Tweet by Swiggy. 


Here's how Twitter reacted to the "worst breakfast dish" tweet: 

While some questioned the food app for this move, several took offence for naming the nosh as 'worst breakfast dish'.


A Twitter user said, "These guys have issues to deliver food. they jack up the rates of the food items available at the restaurants. they have limitations on the area of delivery... and they are trying to judge our food.. can you please say something about the french toasts and the baked beans Mr/Ms."

Another said,  "Which is the worst food supplier. Its #Swiggy Don't play with people's sentiments. #BoycottSwiggy"

Soon after the tweet faced severe backlash, another tweet followed which got called out for "making up for the worst dish" tweet. The Netizens questioned if this was done to cover up for the faux pas. 

As contactless food became the norm in the pandemic-hit year, previously the online delivery platform said that some form of biryani was ordered more than once every second while home-cooked food was one of the most ferried items in 2020.