In a shocking contrast to cultures where talking about sex is a big no, countries where public display of affection is almost banned, and where display of sex on prime time television is strictly regulated, Sweden has gone ahead and introduced sex as a sport.

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A move that has clearly scandalised many and is likely to cause future uproar. In the meanwhile, the first European Sex Championship is scheduled to be held on June 8 by the Swedish Sex Federation.

Making out moves out of the bedrooms!

Initial reports stated that a majority of those who managed wrapping their heads around the news were baffled by the logistics of the championship. How will it work out? The Championship will be spread over several weeks and will have participants competing for six hours every day. The participants will have 45 minutes to an hour to engage with their matches. As of now reportedly, 20 participants have stepped forward to apply for the championship. The winners will be decided through three juries and audience ratings. During the final rating, the audience vote will matter more as 70% of the votes from the audience will be considered.
There will be 16 disciplines on which the participants will be rated; namely seduction, oral sex, penetration, body massages, appearance, exploring erotic zone, position changes, creativity in the position, number of orgasms and endurance. In each discipline the participants will be rated from 5 to points.

It's like a sport! Like any other!

Starting with live broadcast of the tournament to rules of competing, the organizers of the championship said that they value diversity and accept competitors of any gender or orientation. The organizers have also stressed upon the fact that one's orientation could play a key role in the sport.
The official web page of the federation also calls it a not just groundbreaking development and the recognition of sex as a sport was inevitable. It also emphasizes the potential of this sport when it came to physical and mental wellbeing and how training was important like in any other sport. It further says, "SSF wants to actively change the view of sex. People must learn through SSF's training courses, which primarily take place with their clothes on, so that they can benefit from the theoretical parts in practice at a later time. It is extremely important that all members educate themselves about their body, plus a detailed training on the anatomy of the body before they are ready for the practical."

What? Really?

A flood of memes hit the social media, right from those expressing shock, disbelief to pleasure and approval. "A century back news like this would have been difficult to digest even as April fool's joke," wrote a user is disbelief. "How can they publicize the most private act and turn it into a commercial free-for-all opportunity," wrote another in shock.