The Police were called in after members of a beard club were mistaken for the Islamic State (Isis) terrorists in Granna in Jonkoping County, Sweden on 10 October.

The police personnel who arrived at the scene reportedly burst out laughing after they realised that the men were part of a beard club known as the "Bearded Villians" conducting a photoshoot.

"We lined up for a photoshoot, 30 men from the club with our flag and suddenly we see two police officers," Andreas Fransson, a member of Bearded Villains told Jonkoping Sposten.

According to the report, the police were called in after some locals mistook the beard club members for Isis, while they were posing with their black flag at a popular historic ruin. A motorist mistook the black flag of the International Beard Club, which is passed between the clubs in the world. It was with the Swedish wing of the club this weekend.

"We went to Brahehus with a professional photographer to be photographed with the flag because it was the first time we had it. It is obviously disappointing that someone mistook us for terrorists but also a bit funny," Fransson added.