"Swaragini" is currently revolving around the lead character, Swara (Helly Shah), who has fallen off a cliff. Also, Sahil (Anuj Sachdeva) turned a saviour for Swara and is seen nursing her back to health. On the other hand, the Maheshwari family has been in utter shock with the loss of their beloved Swara. Sanskaar, who tried to save her, was seen slipping into depression.

According to India Forums reports, both Sahil and Swara will be seen bonding over music in the upcoming episodes. Sahil, a rockstar by profession with a huge fan following, will play an instrument for Swara, who will be quite impressed with the former's talent. 

While the viewers are wondering if Swara will ever reunite with the family, the report said that the protagonist will soon find her way to her mother Sharmistha's (Parineeta Borthakur) house and the entire family will rejoice seeing her alive. However, the sad part is that although Swara will be back to the family, she will not reunite with Sanskaar. Instead, the protagonist will call him a murderer.

Although, it's not clear as to how Swara will reach her mother's house and why will she accuse Sanskaar as a murderer, it looks like the makers have a lot in store for its viewers in the upcoming episodes. It was reported that Sahil's love for Swara will gradually turn into an obsession and will make him turn a villain in Swara and Sanskaar's life. 

Meanwhile, in the recent episodes of "Swaragini," the viewers witnessed Rajat fleeing the Maheshwari house with Swara held hostage at gunpoint after his evil deeds were out in the open. As Sanskaar chased Rajat while trying to rescue Swara from the conman's trap, he shot Rajat who fell off a cliff. However, Rajat ensured that Swara also dies by falling off the hilltop as well.