"Swaragini" is at a point where many thigns are going to change, especially between its lead pair – Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor).

Swara is following leads to find out about a mysterious woman who is responsible for Durgaprasad's terrible state. And her investigation will take her to a very dark past she wouldn't want to know.

Kavita (Sonia Shah), who was assumed dead all this time, rises from the dead. Swara being Swara will then take her to the Maheshwari only to get the shock of his life that she was once Sanskaar's lover.

"In the coming episodes, Swara will confront that mysterious woman, who will blame Durgaprasad to be a murderer and accuse him of killing an innocent girl," an India-Forums source informed.

Not believing in the story, Swara will then decide to trace the woman's calls to unfold the mystery behind all the drama.

"Swara will not be able believe her and will notice that the lady is getting continuous calls on her cell phone. Swara will then trace the number and reach to the place, from where the calls were being sourced. The unknown number would turn out to be the hospital's number, where Kavita has been kept," the insider further elaborated.

Now there was this news about Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash) getting Swara and Sanskaar divorced. So, will Kavita's entry in their lives affect the relationship in a major way? Only time will tell.