Here's some good news for fans of Swara (played by Helly Shah) and Sanskaar (played by Varun Kapoor) of "Swaragini." Sahil (played by Anuj Sachdeva), who had turned into an obsessive lover of Swara and created turmoil in her life, will exit from the couple's life soon.

Anuj, who had played the role on the show for about three months, got emotional on his last day. The actor shot the last episode on Monday, July 11. "It has been a wonderful journey of discovering different shades of me as an actor. I have always idolized Shah Rukh Khan. His roles in movies like Darr, Baazigar and Anjaam simply amazed me. He was the one who brought the anti-hero, the grey character to light. I am glad, I got to walk in his footsteps (even if small) by playing an anti-hero, paying my tribute to him through the scenes I did," he told India Forums.

"I always was, is and will be grateful to SRK for being my inspiration, for making me pack my bags in Delhi and come to this city of dreams. Thank you my fans and well-wishers for accepting Sahil. And thank you to the team of Swaragini for lending me immense support. I will be back soon, with a new name, a new character, and plenty more entertainment, watch out!," he added.

While the viewers must be wondering how Sahil's track will come to an end, the report said that in the upcoming episodes, Sahil would be seen kidnapping Swara and forcing her to marry him. Swara would plot a plan to get him arrested and so agrees on his demand. The protagonist would take him to a location and as both of them would be about to get married, the police would arrive at the venue and arrest Sahil. This would mark the end of Anuj's track on the show.

In other news, Anuj landed himself in trouble recently when he found himself at the receiving end on Twitter as fans of the lead pair Swara and Sanskaar lashed out at him.

According to reports, Anuj, in a recent television interview, said that the makers should cast another actress on the show as both Sanskaar and Sahil are madly in love with Swara. He wondered what was so special about Swara. This didn't go down well with the loyal fans of Swara and Sanskaar, who have been bashing Anuj for his remark.