Helly Shah (Swara) and Varun Kapoor (Sanskaar) are one of the most loved on-screen couples of Indian television and they recently opened up on what clicks for them onscreen.

Much like Radhika Madan and Shakti Arora of "Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi", Helly and Varun too find humour in filming romantic scenes.

Talking to a leading daily, both the actors recalled that once--the two were yelled at by their directors for laughing during a shot which required them to be serious.

"There have been so many, where we've ultimately had to cut the shot and take a break! But unless someone is really pissed off with us, it's tough coming back into the flow of the scene," Varun told The Asian Age.

Helly and Varun share a healthy rapport off-screen and also admire each other for the kind of work they do.

While Helly believes, Varun's professionalism is one trait that she loves the most about him, the latter said his co-star's punctuality impresses him.

"Helly is very punctual, I never have to wait for her. A quirk she has, is that when she uses glycerin, her nose starts running! But that's more cute than annoying!," Varun further elaborated.

The lead pair is happy with the way their viewers have reacted so far and the two stars expressed their gratitude towards their fans.

"I read this cute moment from a fan a few days ago, who said, 'I don't like it when SwaSan fight'. It's a good thing that the audience connects so much with our love story," Helly told the publication.