The latest development on the Tejaswi Prakash story is interesting and could get the viewers hooked on to "Swaragini".

Tejaswi aka Ragini quit the show owing to personal reasons. She was promised a positive role but was made to do something completely opposite.

However, TV actress Sonia Shah will enter the show soon and will be seen playing a negative role. With Ragini out of the picture, there has to be someone taking the mean-spiritedness forward.

But, what isn't clear is, whether Tejaswi's decision to walk out of the show has forced the makers to wipe out the character she has been playing completely, or will they replace her with another actor?

"Sonia Shah will soon enter the show with a negative shade. She will be seen opposite Durga Prasad (Nagesh Salwan), who is also a part of his past love life. She is coming back to his life with a negative motive and soon will turn everyone's life in distress. She would have a strong character and will be projecting a new angle to the show," India-Forums quoted a source as saying.

Tejaswi, in one of her recent interviews, said how she felt cheated as the promises made to her by the show's team weren't fulfilled. Having played positive characters earlier, the leading lady wasn't very comfortable playing the vamp.

On complaining about this issue, Tejaswi was told her track would change September onwards but after the deadline was extended by months, she decided to put down the papers.

According to sources, she will be shooting until 1 February 2016.