Gaurav Khanna
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Television actress Akanksha Chamola, who plays the role of Parineeta Maheshwari in popular show "Swaragini," has found love. The actress is dating Gaurav Khanna, who is best remembered for his roles as Sharman and Abeer in "Kumkum" and "Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam," respectively.

According to the Times of India, the duo met during to audition of a show a few months ago and fell in love. Interestingly, Akanksha wasn't aware at the beginning that Gaurav was an actor and had also adviced him on acting. 

"She found my face familiar but couldn't place me. I played along since I was enjoying the conversation. I introduced myself with a different name. Funnily, she advised me on how to get into acting on TV. It was only an hour later that I revealed my true identity," Gaurav told the daily. "I guess that's what attracted me to her. Our wavelength matched. She is someone who I can spend hours with and talk about anything under the sun," he added.

Meanwhile, viewers of Colors' "Swaragini" recently saw Swara (Helly Shah) finally solving the mystery behind Tanya and Kavya. It has been revealed that Kavya, who came to take revenge from the Maheshwari family, is actually Tanya Malhotra. In the upcoming episodes, another twist awaits the viewers as Tanya will try to kill Lakshya (Namish Taneja). However, before Tanya will plan to execute her mission, Lakshya will be killed in an encounter by a police officer, India Forums reports.

Knowing that Lakshya's dead body has been brought to the Maheshwari family, Kavya will not be able to stop herself and enter the house hiding her face with a dupatta. Interestingly, Swara will expose Tanya and it will be revealed to the viewers that the entire encounter drama was planned by Swara. The protagonist, with the help of a police officer, had planned a fake encounter of Lakshya, who pretended to be dead. With this, Tanya will be arrested for attempting to ruin the lives of the members of the Maheshwari family.