No Fathers in Kashmir
No Fathers in KashmirPR handout

Despite an incredible team backing the film and an even more credible director associated with the film, No Fathers in Kashmir has been experiencing what no filmmaker hopes on anyone. Ashvin Kumar who has earlier not only been nominated for an Oscar but has also won two National Awards has been stuck in between a jarring passing of the baton between FCAT and CBFC to obtain a justified certification for his film.

Earlier having been denied the certification of U, the makers in order to challenge that had voluntarily moved to FCAT the final apex body to settle such disputes when CBFC denies certification or if a filmmaker wishes to challenge the decision.

After repeated shuttling between these two bodies including multiple committees having seen the film as recent as end of December, the makers of the film still stand with no final decision being delivered. Each time a set of absolutely new cuts and reasons have been given to the filmmaker to reject his desired U certificate for the film. So much so at the last screening for the CBFC, the producers were even declined legal representation and the new set of panel suggested new cuts and brand new reasons completely neglecting their own earlier decision and suggested cuts by a different set of people from the CBFC.

Now currently only thing that makers have are internal disputes orders being sent from FCAT to CBFC and CBFC's inability to give a justified hearing. Several prolific personalities are now coming forth in support of the film including Dr. Shashi Tharoor, filmmaker Pritish Nandy and actress Swara Bhasker all in unison questioning the delay on social media.

Swara tweeted saying, "The film 'No Fathers in Kashmir' - Directed by Academy Award Nominee & two time National Award Winner #AshvinKumar - has been stuck with the Censor Board for over 6months now, delaying its release. Film is now gng bak & forth betwn #CBFC & FCAT. @prasoonjoshi_ pls take note!" Shashi Tharoor said in his tweet, "Oscar nominee & 2-time National Award winner @ashvinkumar's new film @nofathers_movie #NoFathersInKashmir (tipped as 1 of 10 eagerly awaited films of 2019) remains banned over 6 months, delaying its release & forfeiting application for NationalAwards this year. Unconscionable!"

Speaking about it, actress Soni Razdan Said, "I'm happy that Swara, Shashi Tharoor and Pritish have shared their thoughts in support of the film. It's an excellent film that totally deserves to be seen. There is no good reason that it shouldn't. It's saddening that the censor board seems to think otherwise. I would have thought they would have welcomed the opportunity to put out a story on Kashmir that would help lead to a greater understanding of the issues faced by people there ... after all we want to bridge the gap between truths and half truths, lies and misconceptions do we not ? And this story is told through the eyes of two innocent teenagers, making it all the more poignant and beautiful".

Also adding to her thoughts, director Ashvin Kumar said, " It takes a lot to speak out fearlessly in the times we live in. Swara Bhaskar, Shashi Tharoor, Pritish Nandy, Soni Razdan have all expressed solidarity with our film. It is a vote for a story that tries to create a sense of empathy in the Kashmir narrative that has only been about fear and hatred. Their support inspires all of us not to back down and keep challenging those who would prefer that reality and truth remains buried"