Swagway hoverboards
US CPSC has concluded that hoverboards are unsafe.swagway

Following the conclusion of the US Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) that all hoverboards in the country are unsafe, one of the largest sellers of the hoverboard, Swagway, has asked its customers to stop using its product until it is deemed safe.

"In complying with the CPSC's requirements, we ask customers who have purchased a Swagway to refrain from using their boards in the interim," Mashable quoted a Swagway representative as saying. "We will issue a recall if necessary, as soon as we fully understand the exact specifics that need to be addressed according to the CPSC requirements, and will offer a remedy for our customers accordingly."

The CPSC wanted hoverboard sellers to go have two certification processes in case they are selling the product in the US.

Process one involves the certification of the lithium-ion battery in the hoverboard that has to meet the safety standards set by the US Department of Transportation and the United Nations. In process two, the sellers have to get a certification from Underwriters Laboratory, a private company that specialises in product safety certification following a "full device check."

These measures were that result of an investigation into the 52 hoverboard fire reports the CPSC had received.

"We believe many of the reported incidents, and the related unreasonable risk of injuries and deaths associated with fires in these products, would be prevented if all such products were manufactured in compliance with the referenced voluntary safety standards," the CPSC said.

Indiana-based hoverboard company Swagway is awaiting feedback on its application for the new safety standards. Digital Trends notes that the company might release an update following the feedback.

It is advisable for current owners of Swagway hoverboards to wait until the update arrives.