Suzuki Motor Corporation (SMC) wants its India arm Maruti Suzuki to sell two million units annually by 2020 and as part of the strategy the manufacturer will launch around 15 new models.

Speaking to the media in Frankfurt, Toshihiro Suzuki said, "We are planning to introduce 20 new models in the next five years for the whole group.. out of those 20 models, except for the Kei Jidosha (mini cars), rest will be launched in India."

Commenting on significance of the Indian market, Suzuki said India is considered a major market for many manufacturers. The trend suggests that India will be the third largest automotive market in the world by 2025 and SMC has made preparations to tap the opportunity.

Maruti Suzuki currently accounts for 40 per cent of SMC's total sales, which it expects to increase to 60 per cent by 2020.

When asked about the role of Maruti Suzuki in shaping the SMC's next 100-year plan, he said: "The importance of Indian operations for Suzuki is growing, more than ever before. I would draw parallel of Maruti Suzuki as a driving force, an engine with lot of turbo... for us it is an engine which will exceed performance of 'Boosterjet' engine."

Suzuki also commended the foray of Maruti Suzuki into light commercial vehicles segment. It would happen by the end of this fiscal.

The questions regarding new collaborations with other manufacturers on the outset of split between Volkswagen, Suzuki said, "We just divorced and we are not looking for a new partner."