Kruthika Kumaran
Kruthika Kumaran

One of the main benefits of sustainable products is their kinder environmental impact. Many petrochemicals in conventional cosmetics are toxic pollutants and degrade the environment as well as our bodies. As we become more ecologically aware, consumers demand natural, low polluting products.

Microbeads are tiny pieces of plastic found in scrubs and exfoliating products. However, they do not dissolve and in 2015, a study reported that over 8 trillion microbeads were being washed into our waterways every day. Chemicals found in sunscreen, shampoo, body wash, deodorant, and many other personal care products can hang around in our waterways and soil for a very long time and many of them can harm marine life and wildlife.

The other common chemical found in Haircare products is Silicones. Silicones are found in most of the commercial shampoos to give your hair a luxuriously conditioned feel. Repeated use of hair products with silicone can weigh your hair down and make it lifeless. And the most important thing is it is not biodegradable or compostable. Just like microplastics, it is difficult to break down silicones. When you swim with chemical sunscreen, chemicals like oxybenzone can seep into the water and disrupt the coral growth cycles and reproduction. Even if you don't swim after applying sunscreen, it can go down drains when you shower.

Natural ingredients are less likely to cause skin irritation or allergic reactions.VILVAH is going little beyond here, and not only trusting the time tested documents of herbal recipes and methodology but actually using the herbal and plant-based ingredients supported with authentic research for their healing power and safety.

While petrochemicals may deliver short-term results, the long-term effects can be highly toxic to humans and the environment. Years of synthetic cosmetics use has been traced to headaches, acne, hormonal imbalance, and premature greying. By choosing sustainable cosmetics, a consumer forgoes the stress and uncertainty of toxic synthetic products and invests in their long term health and beauty.