Karnataka police have taken two persons into custody in connection with a theft, in which robbers entered the house on pretext of administering jab for Omicron and looted gold jewellery in Bengaluru.

Yeshwanthpur police have taken up the investigation and are questioning two persons in this regard. The police have also seized a red colored car from the vicinity of the house where the daylight robbery was committed.


The miscreants have allegedly changed the registration number plate of the vehicle. The police suspect that the car was stolen and used for robbery.

According to police, three robbers came in a car and one of the accused with hand gloves went inside the house posing himself as a medical staff on vaccination duty on November 29.

The accused enquired about Covid-19 vaccination with one, Sampath Singh's wife Pista Devi and her daughter-in-law Raksha. When Pista Devi tried to call her husband, the accused placed a pistol on her forehead and other two, who followed the first accused, locked them in a room and robbed 50 grams of gold jewellery from the house.

When Pista Devi's elder son Vikram Singh returned home, the robbers asked him whether he got vaccinated. As soon as Vikram said that he is fully vacinated, the accused fled from the spot.